Financial Planning Solutions

No matter who you are, what you do or how old you are, you have dreams. Those dreams have a price tag and we can help you to establish a winning game plan to make those dreams a reality.

Financial planning is not a cold-blooded, penny-pinching exercise; it’s about setting a strategy –– offensive and defensive – building the right habits and surrounding yourself with a team of coaches and experts to guide you and cheer you on.

AttisCorp Wealth Management assists clients in developing and implementing financial plans to guide them and keep them on track to meet their financial objectives. We recognize that each client has their own unique set of circumstances, goals and objectives. These distinctive factors inspire the personalized financial plan we create for you.

We believe that financial planning is not just about how much you make, but how much you keep. One of the first things we look at is the tax-efficiency or lack of tax-efficiency in how a client has their financial affairs organized. Then, we recommend tax-smart investment strategies to minimize tax and maximize returns.

We also look at what unforeseen risks our clients may face. Business owners and professionals sometimes fail to realize that assets owned by their businesses are always at risk, be it from creditor claims (including banks), claims by Canada Revenue Agency, or 3rd party claims (product liability, negligence, contractual disputes, etc.) A business could be forced to sell assets to satisfy successful claims brought against it. Our objective is to show our clients how they can safeguard their most valuable business and personal assets from many of these risks.

We also work with business owners to develop continuation and succession strategies for the ultimate sale or transfer of their business as they move towards retirement.

Finally, we carefully assess risk management strategies (life, disability, health and critical illness insurance) – towards ensuring our clients are properly protected in the event they hit a bump on the road. “We like to build a moat around our clients”, says Joel Attis, “because like it or not, we are all faced with the risk of a premature death or an unexpected disability through accident or illness. As bad as that may be, there is no need to exacerbate the problem by making it a financial as well as an emotional nightmare for ourselves and/or for our families”.

The plan we create may, subject to your particular circumstances, include elements from various planning areas, such as: