Estate Planning

It’s the subject no one wants to talk about, but estate planning is much bigger than “having a will”.

Estate planning is the process that maximizes the value of your family’s wealth by implementing tax efficiencies, increasing opportunities and adding flexibility during life – as well as establishing a plan to minimize the tax on capital assets left to your heirs at death. Typical components may consist of a reorganization of a corporate structure, an estate freeze, use of a Family Trust and use of a Holding or Investment Corporation. In this regard, and as circumstances warrant, we recommend that a tax accountant be engaged by our clients to assist with tax and planning issues. You will also be advised on wills and powers of attorney – and as required, we will refer you to an estate lawyer for more detailed estate planning. Proper planning will minimize taxes and expenses of your estate while significantly enhancing your overall estate value.

Taking care of these important steps today, can make your estate as smooth and stress-free as possible and, although not guaranteed, afford you a better night’s sleep.