Our Process

AttisCorp Wealth Management provides comprehensive financial planning and advice. Our process is designed specifically to ensure we respond to your challenges, identify opportunities, implement appropriate wealth-building strategies, consider tax-efficiencies and manage risk.

We maintain an objective, planning-based approach to delivering financial peace of mind to every client – through flexible financial solutions tailored specifically to each client. Employing a disciplined planning process, we will help you to identify your unique financial concerns, goals and objectives. Based on this analysis, we will then deliver a customized written plan – or 'roadmap' – to guide you on your path to achieving your personal financial objectives.

Initial Meeting – Understanding your Current Situation
We begin with an initial face-to-face meeting. At this preliminary stage, there is no commitment on your part. We share our values, our philosophies, and our service offering with you. We ask a lot of questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of your situation and what you want to accomplish. At this same meeting, we welcome your enquiries as to any aspect of our process.

If we agree to work together, your next step is to gather and provide relevant information, from which we will conduct a detailed analysis of your financial position. Then at our next meeting we will discuss our findings with you. This serves two functions: first it allows us to demonstrate the scope of our services; and secondly, this preliminary planning identifies strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your overall financial position.

Building your Customized Plan – Identifying Opportunities and Enhance Value
At this point we devise and build a customized financial plan that will serve as your guide, allowing you to achieve your goals and optimize your financial position.

We will work diligently to enhance value for you, your family and your business.

Making the Plan Work – Execution
Once we have identified strategies that require implementation, we work together with you and your legal and tax specialists (as required) to ensure the strategies are executed and followed through to achieve the desired outcome.

Regular Assessment and Review
To ensure your financial plan is on-track, and to keep you informed and up-to-date, we provide annual (or more frequent) financial reviews and regular reports of your financial position. Regular emails provide another means of ongoing communication with our clients. We believe that using this structured approach to meet our clients' financial objectives is key to our clients' success and high level of satisfaction.

Client Service – Always Available
Our advice is driven entirely by our understanding of what’s important to you and the results of the planning process we engage in together. We are always available and ready to work on your behalf.

The planning prepared for you will be tailor-made to your specific goals and objectives, and may cover elements of:

  • Investment planning 
  • Tax planning 
  • Retirement income planning 
  • Risk management planning (life, disability, critical illness and health insurance) 
  • Succession planning or business continuation planning 
  • Estate planning

As a result of a satisfied clientele, the growth of our business is primarily fueled by referrals from existing clients – to their friends, family members and associates whom they feel could benefit from a similar process. We often say to our clients: "Please do not keep us a secret."

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