Reduce your Taxes

Our guiding principal can be summed-up in the immortal words of Arthur Godfrey, who said: “I am very proud to pay tax. But I would be just as proud to pay half as much."
Canadians are among the most heavily-taxed citizens in the world, and it is perfectly legal to take measures to reduce tax. Of course, it is illegal to “evade” tax.

Our role is to uncover tax-efficiencies to accelerate tax-saving opportunities towards helping you to maximize your accumulated wealth. Whether it’s simply taking advantage of RRSPs, RESPs, RRIFs, TFSAs or RDSPs – or utilizing corporate class structure mutual funds as opposed to the more common trust structure, or looking at tax-advantaged wealth-building inside permanent life insurance policies, our team can guide you to tax strategies that will allow you to reduce the tax impediment in growing your wealth, and give you the confidence of knowing that you are maximizing tax-reduction opportunities.